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Soundproof Garden Studios

This really is our speciality. We offer a few different levels of soundproofing and acoustic treatment, so you can tailor your Green Room to your needs. All our Outdoor Studios come with white triple glazed acoustic doors and windows. Beautiful oiled Western Red Cedar cladding is included as standard in our price, as well as all foundation and drainage works. Full electrical installation including power, heating, interior lighting and connection to your household supply. There's not many companies that include all that as standard.

Double Skin Acoustic Studio

Double Skin Plastered Studio

Single Skin Plastered Studio

Additional Options

We have a number of different options which mean you can tailor make your Green Room to your specific needs.
These include:

  • Floor covering
  • Wall & Ceiling colour
  • Door & Window (size, amount and finish)
  • Cladding (type and finish)
  • External Lighting
  • Heating (underfloor)
  • Network, Phone, Aerial points
  • Additional Decking
  • Decking (timber and finish)
  • Air conditioning
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