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Self Build Garden Rooms

We also operate a supply only service for our garden rooms. We can supply full SIPS (Structurally Insulated Panel) Kits which form the main structure of your garden room which can then be fitted out with doors, windows, cladding, roofing, electrics and an interior finish of your choice. They can also be combined with our indoor studio panels to construct your own double skin soundproof studio. Why pay someone else to do these jobs if you are happy to do it yourself? The benefit of a SIPS kit is that it can be constructed quickly and provides unbeatable insulation in a relatively thin panel design. The basic structure of a decent size garden room can be constructed in a day.

Our kits are all bespoke and made to order, and we can make the door and window openings to fit the size of door and window you would like to use, so contact us with your design and we'll be happy to give you a price for supply.

Our Kits include the following:

  • 100mm thick foam insulated wall panels
  • 130mm thick foam insulated roof panels
  • 150mm thick base panels (50mm insulation)
  • All door and window openings made to suit your measurments
  • Polyurethene Panel Adhesive
  • Corner connection fixings
  • Roof connection fixings
  • Wall to base connection fixings
  • Timber for connecting wall panels to base and roof panels
  • Full Assembly Instructions

    Before installation you need to have a suitable base foundation laid, either concrete or paving slabs with a decent foundation. It is preferable to have the base panels lifted off the ground, this will prolong their life by allowing airflow around them. This will keep them dry and prevent them from rotting over time.
    Our panels are made so they can generally be handled by two people. We recommend that you use 3 or more people for lifting the roof panels up on to the roof. The panels are all numbered and easily fitted together with minimal tools and knowledge. You will need a drill/impact driver, and some basic hand tools. A nail gun speeds up installation but small screws or nails can be used instead.
    Once constructed our buildings give you the basis for a great, versatile garden room. You can decide what type of door and window you would like. You can source your own exterior cladding, roofing and internal finishing (not included in the kit). You can fix batons to the interior walls and plasterboard, giving a cavity for running cables and other services. Our roofs are mono pitch flat roofs. The overall height of the building is 2450mm which falls inside the guidelines for most permitted development. The interior height is 2150mm, providing a decent size room for a variety of uses.
    Our kits are available for delivery throughout the UK. We are happy for customers to collect from us too, but you will need quite a large flatbed or truck.

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