Soundproof Garden Teaching Studio

This customer was a musician and also gave lessons, and needed a quite place to practise, write music and to teach.

In the first picture you can see the site shortly after we arrived. In picture 2 the walls are going up.

Picture 3 shows the EPDM roof membrane being fitted. This membrane is a single piece and has a guarantee of 25years

In picture 4 you can see the walls being lined with acoustic quilt. This sits behind the secondary interior wall, which you can see in picture 5.

Next you can see the finished interior. The customer asked for a larger window be installed, and a different light fitting to the normal downlights, so we took care of that.

Finally you can see a picture of the finished exterior with cedar cladding and decking. This was coated in a clear finish to keep it's natural look, and a picture of the interior once the piano and other items had been moved in.

Soundproof Shed Soundproof Teaching Studio
Soundproof Garden Shed Soundproof Garden Teaching Studio
Garden Teaching Room Soundproof Music Room
Soundproof Teaching Room Soundproof Teaching Studio
Green Rooms Garden Music Room Soundproof Garden Room Soundproof Garden Studio