Soundproof Garden Drum Studio

This studio was built for Chelsea Goalkeeper Petr Cech. Petr is a keen drummer and needed somewhere to practise without disturbing the rest of the household and his neighbours. So we built this unusually shaped building to fit in to a space next to the garage.

You can see the area that the building had to fit in to, so we designed a bespoke shape building that would fit nicely in to the area leaving the path in place, and providing an attractive addition to the house.

In pictures two and three you can see the exterior walls being constructed, and the first layer of plasterboard and acoustic membrane being applied in picture 3.

This building was fitted with oak effect windows and doors which are double glazed with special acoustic glass.

The building was clad with Grade A cedar tongue and groove cladding which was oiled to provide the cladding with weather protection whilst maintaining the beauty of the wood.

The unusual shape of this building proved to be challenging but nothing we couldn't handle and very worthwhile as the finished result is impressive.

Check out our Video Gallery too see Petr Cech enjoying his Green Room Studio.

Soundproof Garden Studio
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