Double Skin Garden Music Room

The customer had an area of ground that was unused, and had little purpose between a garage, the fence and a large tree. They wanted us to squeeze a double skin studio in to the space, making good use of a relatively useless area. So that's what we did.

We created a kite shaped building, which was a very unusual shape. As you can see from picture 2 the shape was completely uneven, and tested our geometry skills to the limit! There was not much room for error either as we were bound by structures on all sides. We rose to the challenge and the building fitted in to the space like a glove.

Picture 3 shows some of the insulated roof panels being installed, and picture 4 shows some of the last insulation being installed in the second skin. There's a lot more behind that!

This customer preferred a knotty type of cedar cladding, which has a more uniform colour.

As you can see the building looked great once it was finished inside and out.

"What a lovely surprise to return this evening to a beautifully finished music room. Thank you so much - the whole thing and attention to detail is great. We do appreciate the fact you came here immediately you returned from holiday to finish it and were very impressed by the effort made by all the people involved throughout. Our thanks go to you all. Everyone seemed to work extremely hard and at times for very long hours - twice here until dark! The site was always left very tidy at night and all the people involved were always most courteous and friendly and very tolerant of our over enthusiastic pup. We would certainly be happy to recommend your company." Ms Aldridge, Cambridgeshire.

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