Soundproof Drum Studio

This customer needed a space for their son to practise the drums. They wanted to encourage his musical talents, without annoying the neighbours. So they asked us to build a studio just big enough for a drum kit. This studio was just 3m x 2m and gave enough room inside to fit a standard sized drum kit.

Everything you see in these pictures is included as standard in the prices given for a double skin plastered studio. Oil filled radiator, internal lighting, and electrics are standard, including connection to your household supply. Many companies don't include this in their price, because it saves them paying a qualified electrician. The Western Red Cedar cladding is included in our price as well as two triple glazed doors and two triple glazed windows.

"I wanted to send a short email to say a very big thank you for staying so late on Friday to get the room finished. Thanks again for providing such a great looking room, I genuinely am very impressed." Mr Betney, Peterborough.

Soundproof Garden Studio Soundproof Drum Studio
Soundproof Garden Drum Studio Soundproof Drum Rehearsal Studio
Soundproof Drum Studio Soundproof Music Room
Garden Rehearsal Room Soundproof Drum Shed
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