Soundproof Drum Booth

This customer's son was a drummer, but he had nowhere to practise due to complaints from neighbours about noise. So we built a small double skin drum studio for him to practise in.

On the far right you can see the basic insulated panel structure of the building after all the groundworks have been completed.

In the second row you can see the different types of acoustic materials we use. On the left you can see some of the materials we use on the floor.

On the right you can see a cross section of all the materials used in the wall.

In the third row down you can see the secondary wall and some of the materials we use. The interior does not touch the exterior skin at any point. The idea is that if they don't touch then sound vibrations flow less easily.

Then on the bottom row you can see the interior finished with the drum kit installed and on the far side you can see the finished exterior providing an attractive and practical addition to the garden.

We did some testing on the completed studio and achieved a decibel drop of between 40-50db between the inside and directly outside the door. We recorded a level of 116db inside which dropped to around 65db a few metres away from the building, which is equivalent to normal converstaion or background noise in most gardens.

"I just wanted to thank you again for your time and effort put into building my son's drum shed. He loves it. No complaints from the neighbours even when he's been playing in the evenings. Absolutely fab." Ms Hall, Leicester.

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