Our Indoor and Outdoor Acoustic rooms can be used for all manner of applications:

  • Music Rehearsal
  • Recording Studio
  • Music Production
  • Music Teaching
  • Voice Over Recording
  • Film Studio
  • Audiology
  • Scientific Testing
  • to name just a few...
  • Garden Office: With all the warmth and quality that your house provides but with the peace and space to work.

  • Garden Games Room: Green rooms can make great games rooms, whether youíre in to snooker, pool, table tennis, or arcade games. Itís up to you what you put in it. We give you the space to have fun.

  • Garden Cinema: With good sound and heat insulation, why not set up a projector and snuggle up in front of a good film on a grand scale in peace and quiet without annoying the neighbours.

  • Garden Gym: Why go to the gym when you can have your own private gym at home?

  • En-suite Garden Guest Room: If youíve not got space for everyone in your house. Then give them their own space.
  • Our standard garden rooms are even more versatile. We can also add a bit of soundproofing if you don't need the full works.

  • Garden Artistís studios: With your own space to work you can leave your brushes or tools out. Leave work to dry without worrying if itíll get knocked over or damaged.

  • Commercial uses: Shops, Tea rooms/Cafes, Visitor centres, Club houses/pavilions, Daycare & Nursery, Healthcare, Church buildings etc.

  • Garden Therapy Room
  • Martial Arts Gym
  • School classrooms/Private Music Tuition
  • Swimming pool enclosure/changing room
  • Summer houses
  • Storage
  • Workshops
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