Size m (Width x Depth=m) Single Skin
(inc VAT)
Double Skin plastered
(inc VAT)
Double Skin Acoustic
(inc VAT)
6m (eg.3mx2m) 16,584.93 20,060.44 30,090.68
8m (eg.4mx2m) 19,184.91 23,185.09 34,777.64
10m (eg.4mx2.5m) 21,654.75 25,941.08 38,911.62
12m (eg.3mx4m) 24,179.37 28,878.12 43,317.19
15m (eg.5mx3m) 27,776.60 33,086.96 49,630.44
20m (eg.5mx4m) 32,571.50 37,264.34 55,896.51
25m (eg.5mx5m) 38,960.00 45,841.40 68,762.10

All Prices include VAT
Finance can be arranged through our Finance partners subject to terms and conditions. Please contact us for more information.
Additional fees apply to installations in certain parts of the UK. Please contact us for details.

Soundproof Garden Studio Prices

If you don't have room inside let us build you a studio outside.

We provide a few options when it comes to building an outside music/recording studio. We can build you a single skin studio which gives a mid-range level of soundproofing for uses such as music production, or quieter instruments like violins or acoustic guitars. We can build a double skin studio with a plastered internal finish, which provides an impressive level of soundproofing with the interior appearance of a normal room. Or we have our double skin acoustic finish which give the same level of soundproofing as the other double skin room with the benefit of a more neutral acoustic environment.

Below you will find a list of common sizes but you can have any size you wish. For a more accurate quote please fill in the form on the right and we will get back to you with a price for your requirements.

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