Size m (Width x Depth=m) DIY SIPS Kits (non soundproof)
(inc VAT)
6m (eg.3mx2m) 2,261.82
8m (eg.4mx2m) 2,529.75
10m (eg.4mx2.5m) 2,796.92
12m (eg.3mx4m) 3,154.51
15m (eg.5mx3m) 3,822.43
20m (eg.5mx4m) 4,713.01

All Prices include VAT
Finance can be arranged through our Finance partners subject to terms and conditions. Please contact us for more information.
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Party Wall Agreement Southall

When do you need a party wall notification or party wall agreement Southall (technically called a party wall award)? Our overview gives you all the responses you need to obtain the appropriate consents to perform your building jobs. As well as, if you require one, how to locate a party wall surveyor Southall.

Self Build Garden Rooms

We are happy to supply the main panel structure of our standard garden rooms as a self build kit. These kits include floor, wall and ceiling panels made to a size and design of your choice. The panel kits are fully insulated with solid foam insulation, simple to put together and a reasonable size building can be constructed in a day.

Not included in the kit is any cladding, doors, windows, roof covering, foundations, or internal finishes. We supply the Structurally Insulated Panels to make the structure of the garden room, and then you can source the cladding, doors, windows etc. in the style you fancy. Constructing a garden room this way provides a significant saving, if you're happy to put in the work yourself. All kits come with full installation instructions and drawings. For more info take a look at our DIY kits page or contact us for any specific questions.

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