Soundproof Recording Studio

This example shows what we can achieve with our new flat-pack studio design in an existing building. Here we installed a full recording studio setup inside an existing outbuilding. It included an entrance area, control room, and live room, complete with full electrical and audio distribution and air conditioning.

Our new design arrives in panel form and can be quickly and easily installed by our installers. The panels are lined with an acoustic rubber and finished in fabric in a colour of your choice. This gives a much cleaner acoustic environment which lends itself to recording and high resonance instruments like drums. It also allows you the option of dismantling the studio and moving it elsewhere, should you want to.

The audio distribution we installed here allowed for microphones and other instruments to be plugged in all around the live room and run back to a patch bay situated next to the mixing desk in the control room, providing a neat and effective way of running audio cables.

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