Soundproof Music Shed

This family were all musical and needed somewhere nice to play individually and together without disrupting the neighbours.

In the first two pictures you can see the beginnings of the foundations, and the finished base which the walls are being installed upon in picture 3.

In picture 4 you can see the exterior finish taking shape. The roof panels and covering have been installed and the cladding has begun to be fitted.

In picture 5 you can see the acoustic insulation that has been fitted between the joists on the secondary wall. Behind this there is also another layer of more dense acoustic quilt. Then you can see the acoustic memebrane which is being installed over the walls before the walls are boarded with two layers of SoundBloc plasterboard. When the building is finished the walls are almost a foot thick full with acoustic insulation, membranes and soundproofing materials.

Finally you can see some interior pictures of the doors and windows. We also installed a network point to supply an internet connection to a computer. This was installed along with a bank of sockets by the window.

We did a bit of testing with a decibel meter to see how quiet the building was inside. Right outside the door the background noise of traffic was around 76dB. Inside this dropped to an impressive 22dB. That may still sound loud but I actually had to control my breathing because it was making the meter go up. 22dB is about as close as you can get to silence and is perfect for a recording studio.

"I am very pleased with the room and I would like to thank you and the other guys for the very professional and courteous way in which you ran the project. I would not hesitate to recommend you to others." Mr Noakes, Dartford

Soundproof Shed
Soundproof Shed
Soundproof Music Room
Soundproof Drum Shed
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