Multi-purpose Soundproof Garden Room

This was a large building which was to be used as an office, a place to rehearse music, and a place for the kids to hang out.

In the first two pictures you can see the area where the building is going to be sited, and the base being concreted in which the walls are being installed upon in picture 3.

In picture 4 we jump forward a bit to the carpet being installed. Underneath the carpet is two layers of timber flooring sandwhiched between these is a layer of acoustic underlay which is designed to absorb vibration. The base is also packed with rigid insulation.

In picture 5 you can see the interior shortly before completion. The carpet needs to completed, the electrics finished off and some trims to be fitted.

Pictures 6 and 7 showed the finished exterior. This customer asked for a floodlight on the exterior which can be switched from the house and from the building, so we took care of that, as well as the rest of the electrical installation.

The final picture shows the finished interior with heating, LED lighting, power, phone and network points and a smoke alarm.

Soundproof Shed
Soundproof Shed Soundproof Garden Shed
Soundproof Music Shed
Soundproof Drum Shed
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