Soundproof Drum Room

This building was medium size building at 13.6m2. You can see the area before we installed the building and some shots of it on completion.

We used oak effect triple glazed doors on the exterior of this building so it would blend in better in it's rural setting. These are available as an additional extra.

In picture 4 you can see how the double door arrangement is finished off, providing a good soundproof seal.

The final pictures show the interior before and after all the equipment has been moved in.

"The soundproofing is very effective. Drums at full bash can only just be heard at the top of the garden path and even then it just sounds like someone playing their favourite track inside the house. The temperature inside the room has not exceeded 22 degrees, even when it was 29 degrees in Southampton today. Thank you!" Mrs Jones, Southampton.

Soundproof Shed Soundproof Drum Shed
Soundproof Drum Room
Soundproof Music Shed Soundproof Music Room
Garden Rehearsal Room Soundproof Drum Shed
Soundproof Drum Shed Music Shed Soundproof Music Shed Drum Shed