Guitar Teaching and Production Studio

This customer needed a studio to work as a music producer, with space to teach guitar as well. He decided to go for a single skin studio, as the sound levels he would be producing would not be that high, but in a residential area he still needed some sound attenuation.

You can see the main structure which goes up in a day or two. Then we begin finishing the exterior and making it water tight.

This type of studio has just one door and one window, opposed to the double skin studios which have two doors and two windows back to back. The doors are still triple glazed, and provide a good amount of sound attenuation for less noisy applications such as music production or quieter acoustic instruments.

Once the customer has set up his studio with some acoustic treatment, you can see it really looks the part, and provides an inviting area to work all year round.

"I'm a good evangelist for your services." Mr Spring, Chelmsford.

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